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3. Oekonux Conference -- Organization

Maintainer: Stefan Merten, Version 1, 07.01.2004
Projekt-Typ: halboffen
Status: Archiv

2. About the organization

(1) This part is one piece in OpenTheory [http://www.opentheory.org/oxkonferenz3-orga/text.phtml] where you can comment on.

2.1. Basics

2.1.1. Timing and dates

(3) The conference will take place 2004-05-20 to 2004-05-23 (Thursday to Sunday).

(4) The presentations should be planned in a way so arrival and departure from/to Germany by train are feasible on Thursday or Sunday, respectively.

(5) The following time line is proposed:

(6) Time Activity State ...................... ....................... ...................... October First meeting in Vienna ok Raise financial issue ok Room issue resolved ok ToDo-Text V1.0 ok November ToDo-Text V2.0 ok (V3) Early December CfC beta ok (October) Late December CfC gets published ok (November) Online services get ok informed February Financial issue resolved Lists [rox] and [hox] ok (October) are re-founded Early March Deadline for abstracts Press campaign starts Late March Decisions about the contributions Schedule Middle April Conference schedule V1.0 online 20.-23. May ox3 is running

2.2. Types of presentations

(7) The possible types of presentations include:

(8) * Talks

(9) * Workshops

(10) * Panels

(11) * Spontaneous discussion rounds (aka BOF sessions)

(12) * Annual member meeting of the e.V.

(13) * Meta round at the end of the conference

(13.1) 21.01.2004, 09:10, Ano Nym: leck mich

(14) See the Visitor FAQ [http://www.oekonux-conference.org/faq/visitor.html#Which%20sort%20of%20presentations%20are%20planned] for an explanation. Further types of presentation are possible on request.

(14.1) About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:18, Stefan Merten: In the thread on http://www.oekonux/.de/projekt/liste/archive/msg03365.html we agreed on the following regarding invitations.

(14.1.1) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:20, Stefan Merten: After March, 1st we will accept proposals made so far. The people who made these proposals will be invited meaning we refund their travel expenses and we care for (private) accomodation from Thursday to Sunday. Also we reserve a time slot for their presentation and announce it publicly.

(14.1.2) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:22, Stefan Merten: The number of invitations is limited by
* available money for refunding travel expenses,
* available sleeping places
* available time slots

(14.1.3) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:24, Stefan Merten: If an invited person can cover for travel expenses and/or accomodation herself then this means our limits are expanded.

(14.1.4) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:26, Stefan Merten: There may also be proposals we would like to accept but can not because of lacking ressources. Of course these people won't receive what is lacking.
If those people would like to come without funding and/or sleeping place from us, then we need to check whether we have enough time slots left. We can consider a fourth track but attendees to the last conferences already complained about too many events.

(14.1.5) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:32, Stefan Merten: There may also be proposals we reject. Of course these do not get any ressources whatsoever.

(14.1.6) Re: About invitations and limited ressources, 26.01.2004, 10:33, Stefan Merten: There may also be spontaneous sessions on the conference (formerly known as BOF sessions). These are possible and probably there is no much reason to reject them. We reserve at least one room for this.

2.3. Infrastructure

2.3.1. Rooms

(16) The rooms will be supplied by the Department of Philosophy at Vienna University.

(17) Childcare and disabled access might have to be considered.

(18) The 1. conference was attended by 170 people, the 2. conference by 150. For the 2. conference more or less exactly came who had registered before.

(19) We need to consider whether we want to have three tracks again which basically will take place in three fixed rooms.

2.3.2. Social infrastructure

(20) * Get-together

(20.1) Re: 2.3.2. Social infrastructure, 21.01.2004, 09:11, hpü ??: fucking

(21) - A relaxed get-together with food, where people can talk, and later music would be the best. We need to care for catering.

(22) * Sleeping places for the speakers are needed

(23) * Mass accommodation for guests would be nice

2.3.3. Technical infrastructure

(24) * Audio recording of all presentations

(25) - One possibility is to record the presentations with a (fixed) laptop and an external microphone. Besides laptops and microphones the laptops need some spare disk space. Good microphones and/or good pre-amplifiers are needed.

(26) - The co-organizers in Vienna offered an Internet audio live stream.

(27) * IRC channels

(28) Especially if we have audio live streams it would be great to have

(29) - an IRC channel for each track

(30) - which is logged on a web site and

(31) - projected in the event

(32) This way people could participate online at the conference.

(33) Also if we have wireless Internet connection in the rooms we could have an immediate online protocol of the events.

(34) * Video recording if not too much effort

(35) * Internet connection

(36) At best by Ethernet (at some central point) and Wireless (at least in the presentation rooms).

(37) * Surf stations

(38) * Beamer

2.3.4. Mailing lists

(39) * For the concrete arrangement of the presentations and for the organization there is a mailing list for all speakers ([rox] [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/team/referenten/])

(40) * For the concrete arrangement of the activities on site there is a mailing list for all helpers ([hox] [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/team/helfer/])

(41) * For the concrete arrangement in Vienna there is another mailing list [http://philo.at/mailman/listinfo/oenux].

2.3.5. Folder for visitors

(42) All visitors should get an up-to-date folder with at least this content:

(43) * The flyer

(44) * Request for a donation

(45) * A list of the local infrastructure outside the conference

(46) - Cigarettes

(47) - Restaurants

(48) - Recommended accommodation

(49) - A town map containing the conference location

(50) * The conference program

(51) - An up-to-date schedule

(52) - Abstracts of all presentations

(53) To make the abstracts a bit more uniform we should set a lower and an upper limit for the length of an abstract. Also it would be nice to have English versions of all abstracts.

(54) - Vitae of the speakers

(55) This should include pictures of the speakers. Also it would be good to have pictures of the speakers on the web site.

(56) * Short self-description of the Oekonux project

(57) * Perhaps the Kladde

(58) * Map of the building / the rooms where presentations take place

(59) * Questionnaire for feedback

(60) See also hints [http://www.opentheory.org/ox2-merkblatt/text.phtml#43] about the design of the questionnaire.

2.3.6. Support for the presentations

(61) The presentations need to be cared about. This includes:

(62) * Operating the audio recording

(62.1) 14.02.2004, 15:22, Stefan Merten: Care for good handling of the beamer.

(63) * If IRC channels and Wireless is available: Care for a possible IRC projection and may be people who live protocol a bit.

(64) * Support the speaker with presentation technique

(65) * If needed: Care for translation

(66) * Start the presentation including a sufficient introduction of the speaker

(67) * React to disturbances of all kind in an appropriate way

(68) * Check time limits, signal end

(69) In particular care for ending the session so the free quarter of an hour before the next slot actually exists.

(70) * Check microphone direction during the discussion

(71) * Moderate the discussion if necessary

(72) * Special tasks if this is the last presentation in this room of this day

(73) Technical briefing for the people doing this job is absolutely necessary.

(74) People supporting a presentation should contact the respective speaker and ask how s/he wants to be introduced and other questions.

2.3.7. Remaining infrastructure

(75) * Oekonux texts on paper, in particular the Kladde for a quick introduction

(76) * A conference bureau

(76.1) 10.04.2004, 14:18, Stefan Merten: During check in of the attenders people need to fill out a list with name, address, time of attendance, and signature because we need this for (at least) one sponsor.

(76.1.1) 10gmt, 17.04.2004, 11:31, TAIWO OLOJA: 43 ikosi road ikosi ketu lagos nigeria

(77) - Supplied by the Department of Philosophy

(78) - May need additional people

(78.1) 10gmt, 17.04.2004, 11:38, TAIWO OLOJA: 43 ikosi road ikosi ketu lagos

(79) * Some international guests may need to be fetched from the air port.

(80) * A big, public sheet of paper where people can write down open questions, thoughts, and so on. May be used as the basis for a final content plenum.

2.4. Money

2.4.1. Expenditures

(82) * Travel expenses for contributors

(83) - Perhaps the current LastMinute offers of the German railway [http://www.bahn.de/pv/reisebuero/subhome/die_bahn_reisebuero.shtml] can be used to offer speakers two nights of accommodation in addition to the railway trip. Depending on the BahnCard available on the speaker side this can be a cheap way to acquire accommodation.

(84) Probably this option is not available at this weekend because this weekend is a major tourist weekend in Vienna.

(85) - The offers of CityNightLine [http://www.citynightline.ch/] can help to save accommodation.

(86) * Further expenses

(87) * As in 2001 honorarium for contributors is not planned

(88) We must that only expenses agreed to before are refunded. In particular this applies to cases where contributors want the refunding of further persons.

2.4.2. Income

(89) * Money of the e.V.

(90) * Donations before and after the conference

(91) We asked for donations for the conference in 2001. This worked to some degree.

(92) * Donations from the visitors

(93) Last time we asked for 8EUR per person. Including tickets for food and beverages we received about 10EUR on average per person.

2.5. Announcement

2.5.1. Forms

(95) The announcement of the conference will be more or less exclusively by electronic media.

(96) A German web site [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/] is set up already. Also a English web site [http://www.oekonux-conference.org/].

(97) A template for a paper announcement (flyer, poster) can be made.

(98) We should consider asking Linux print media (e.g. Linux-Magazin) and/or for instance c't (what in Austria?) for a gratis advertisement.

2.5.2. Call for Contributions

(99) The Call for Contributions (no longer "Call for Papers") should be distributed at least to the following addresses. (At the time this version has been written this has been done already except where noted.)

(100) * German speaking

(101) - the FIFF list

(102) - Contraste list

(103) - the Krisis newsletter (http://www.krisis.org)

(104) - Indymedia

(105) Not yet.

(106) - debate at fitug.de

(107) - http://listserv.shuttle.de/mailman/listinfo/wissen2

(108) - FFII lists

(109) - Telepolis / Heise-Ticker

(110) - infoverteiler at nadir.org

(111) - Mail list of streifzuege.org in Vienna (Lorenz Glatz, Franz Schandl et al)

(112) - http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/list48/

(113) - imd-l or imd-announce, respectively

(114) - WOS preparation list

(115) - Wsis at ilpostino.jpberlin.de

(116) - clara-liste at yahoogroups.de

(117) - AKI-list http://www.aki-stuttgart.de

(118) - Some German print media

(119) - further?

(120) * International

(121) - Nettime

(122) - OpenFlows

(123) - Indymedia

(124) - The people of Mama in Zagreb

(125) - Hipatia

(126) - http://www.politechbot.com/

(127) - WoZ - Schweizer WochenZeitschrift http://www.woz.ch

(128) - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) cpsr at cpsr.org

(129) - further?

(130) * Structures of the Free Software scene

(131) - FSF-Europe, englischsprachige (discussion) und deutschsprachige (fsfe-de) Liste

(132) - Linux.de [http://www.linux.de]

(133) - e.g. Linux-Community [http://www.linux-community.de/]

(134) * The people behind the Oekonux links [http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/links.html]

(135) * The persons we want to invite explicitly listed below

(136) * All speakers of the 1. and 2. conference

(137) * All registered visitors of the 2. conference

(138) Some addresses can be found in a version of this text for the 2. conference [http://www.opentheory.org/oxkonferenz2/v0002.phtml#83].

2.5.3. Invitation

(139) The invitation should be sent at least to the same as the Call for Contributions.

(139.1) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 19:51, Stefan Merten: FIFF list done.

(139.2) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:01, Stefan Merten: Wsis at ilpostino.jpberlin.de done

(139.3) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:05, Stefan Merten: For Nettime I asked Andrea.

(139.4) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:05, Stefan Merten: For OpenFlows I asked Felix.

(139.5) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:09, Stefan Merten: Electronic Frontier Foundation eff at eff.org done.

(139.6) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:11, Stefan Merten: CPSR cpsr at cpsr.org done.

(139.7) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:14, Stefan Merten: Asked Detlef Borchers for Heise-News-Ticker.

(139.8) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:16, Stefan Merten: Asked Graham for Hipatia.

(139.9) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:18, Stefan Merten: Asked Eric von Hippel for distribution.

(139.10) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:24, Stefan Merten: People from Mama in Zagreb.

(139.11) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 17.04.2004, 20:36, Stefan Merten: Registered attenders of the 2nd conference done.

(139.12) Re: 2.5.3. Invitation, 18.04.2004, 14:02, Stefan Merten: Karl Dietz (thanks) did Contraste list, Krisis newsletter, list48, http://listserv.shuttle.de/mailman/listinfo/wissen2, FFII lists (termine), Mail list of streifzuege.org in Vienna, clara-liste@yahoogroups.de, AKI-list http://www.aki-stuttgart.de, coforum.de, aki-wiki

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