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3. Oekonux-Konferenz

Maintainer: Stefan Merten, Version 3, 16.11.2003
Status: Archiv


(1) This text [http://dritte.oekonux-konferenz.de/team/planung.html] is the basis for the discussion of the organization of the third conference we are planning by Projekt Oekonux [http://www.oekonux.de/].

(1.1) Re: Planing, 05.01.2004, 12:46, Stefan Merten: This piece is far too long for a single OT project. It needs split up into several OT projects.

(2) This text is most of all an OpenTheory [http://www.opentheory.org/] project, so recent contributions and current state [http://www.opentheory.org/oxkonferenz3/text.phtml] can be found there. Also contributions can be made at any time there. All contributions made are automatically relayed to projekt at oekonux.de [http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/liste/] where the conference is prepared.

(3) Besides these notices here there also is a bulletin [http://www.opentheory.org/ox2-merkblatt/text.phtml] from the 2. conference.

1. Basics

1.1. Content of the conference

1.1.1. Motto

(6) The motto of the conference is

(7) Reichtum durch Copyleft

(8) Kreativität im digitalen Zeitalter

(9) or .

(10) Wealth by copyleft

(11) Creativity in the digital age

(12) It would be nice if topics on the conference would match this motto.

1.1.2. Oekonux track

(13) Another proposal is to have a noticeable fraction of contributions form us, i.e. the people making up the Oekonux project, which tell about what we think on the Oekonux mailing lists. In the past Oekonux conferences this part was very little. This led to many rather basic questions about Oekonux theory in many presentations from those, who don't know Oekonux well yet.

(14) An interesting extension of such contributions contributions could be that they give an outline of what happened in the project until now. What has been discussed and where is the respective discussion today.

(15) For this we should reserve an extra day or an extra track. It might be a good idea to take the Thursday for that so people new to Oekonux have the introduction in the beginning. A worse alternative would be to reserve a normal track for such contributions.

(16) It would be nice if such a big introduction into Oekonux theory could be followed by an open end plenary session where the need for general discussions with each other could have a place.

1.1.3. Extending the focus

(17) Another proposal is to widen the focus of the conference to address people not interested in Free Software so much but want to get inspired (e.g. young Attacis).

(18) Perhaps the framework of content can be more shifted to information society for which Free Software is the most developed germ form today. For instance the question of "intellectual property" should play a role. For this it is convenient to include issues far from software (e.g. music, drugs / generica).

(19) We should take into account that the WOS conference [http://wizards-of-os.org/] three weeks later has a similar concept - though there are also differences.

(19.1) 07.01.2004, 15:03, Stefan Merten: The WOS conference at more or less the same time also may lead to some competition for the same speakers.

(19.2) 07.01.2004, 15:05, Stefan Merten: As I heard there may also be a successor of the OC conference only a week after the Oekonux conference - probably also in Vienna This may lead to even more competition :-( .

1.2. International conference

(20) Once more the conference should be laid out as an international conference. This includes:

(20.1) Re: 1.2. International conference, 05.01.2004, 12:30, Stefan Merten: To prevent splitting up the conference more than necessary we should not have a separate English track.

(21) * the invitation of international contributors,

(22) * announcement in English and distribution in international media,

(23) * translation of the most important parts of the conference web site,

(24) * (simultaneous) translation during the conference

(25) - People who want to translate during a presentation into English or German, could be made recognizable so people interested in this translation can sit close to this and listen.

(26) Though simple to have this sort of whispering translation is a bit disruptive for others.

(27) - On a job list for professional translators we asked whether someone would like to help being treated like speakers. Actually there were some three of four people who offered help. We have to clarify whether it is possible in technical terms because a real simultaneous translation setup needs some technical infrastructure (cabins for the translators, earphones for the listeners, etc.).

(27.1) 21.11.2003, 20:58, Stefan Merten: The Institute for Philosophy has no such technical setup and it is probably expensive to rent it - if possible at all. Thus simultaneous translation with headphones, translator cabins and so on seems not to be an option.

1.3. Responsible body and supporters

(28) The official organizer for the conference is the Projekt Oekonux e.V. [http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/verein/].

(29) The rooms will be supplied by the Department of Philosophy at Vienna University [http://homehobel.phl.univie.ac.at/] by courtesy of Herbert Hrachovec [http://hrachovec.philo.at/]. So these are also organizers.

(30) A possible supporter could be Public Voice Lab [http://www.pvl.at/].

(31) As a further (financial) supporter the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung [http://www.rosa-luxemburg-stiftung.de/]has been asked.

(31.1) 27.12.2003, 13:52, Stefan Merten: Meanwhile I made contact to
* Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
* Bewegungsstiftung
* Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

(31.1.1) 30.12.2003, 17:43, Stefan Merten: * Soros Foundation / Open Society Institute.

(32) At the Austrian attac summer academy there has been interest in the conference. May be some support could come from Attac Austria.

(33) In Vienna Franz Nahrada organized a group of people. They founded an own mailing list [http://philo.at/mailman/listinfo/oenux]. May be financial support also is organized by these Vienna based people.

(34) At the 2. conference we had a well working model where sponsors supported certain presentations. If they fit into the conference this could be repeated.

(35) Before and after the 2. conference some donations could be acquired. During the conference we asked the visitors for a donation instead of an admission fee.

2. About the organization

2.1. Basics

2.1.1. Timing and dates

(38) The conference will take place 2004-05-20 to 2004-05-23 (Thursday to Sunday).

(39) The presentations should be planned in a way so arrival and departure from/to Germany by train are feasible on Thursday or Sunday, respectively.

(40) The following time line is proposed:

(41) Time Activity State ...................... ....................... ...................... October First meeting in Vienna ok Raise financial issue ok Room issue resolved ok ToDo-Text V1.0 ok November ToDo-Text V2.0 ok (V3) Early December CfC beta ok (October) Late December CfC gets published ok (November) Online services get informed February Financial issue resolved Lists [rox] and [hox] October are re-founded Early March Deadline for abstracts Press campaign starts Middle April Conference schedule V1.0 online 20.-23. May ox3 is running

2.2. Types of presentations

(42) The possible types of presentations include:

(42.1) Re: 2.2. Types of presentations, 05.01.2004, 12:25, Stefan Merten: Instead of single talks we could have panels organized around single topics with relatively short statements from the panel and a common discussion for all the contributions. I guess this is something which needs to be put forward actively on referenten AT oekonux-konferenz DOT de.

(42.2) Re: 2.2. Types of presentations, 05.01.2004, 12:37, Stefan Merten: Once again we should have a final meta round about the conference.

(43) * Talks

(44) * Workshops

(45) * Spontaneous discussion rounds (aka BOF sessions)

(46) * Annual member meeting of the e.V.

(47) Further types of presentation are possible on request.

2.3. Infrastructure

2.3.1. Rooms

(49) The rooms will be supplied by the Department of Philosophy at Vienna University.

(50) Childcare and disabled access might have to be considered.

(51) The 1. conference was attended by 170 people, the 2. conference by 150. For the 2. conference more or less exactly came who had registered before.

(52) We need to consider whether we want to have three tracks again which basically will take place in three fixed rooms.

2.3.2. Social infrastructure

(53) * Get-together

(54) - A relaxed get-together with food, where people can talk, and later music would be the best. We need to care for catering.

(55) * Sleeping places for the speakers are needed

(56) * Mass accommodation for guests would be nice

2.3.3. Technical infrastructure

(57) * Audio recording of all presentations

(58) - One possibility is to record the presentations with a (fixed) laptop and an external microphone. Besides laptops and microphones the laptops need some spare disk space. Good microphones and/or good pre-amplifiers are needed.

(59) - Someone from Vienna (who?) offered an Internet live stream

(59.1) 16.12.2003, 17:52, Stefan Merten: Meanwhile I think we should have an audio live stream. This could support people who participate in the event by IRC.

(60) * Video recording if not too much effort

(60.1) IRC logging, 13.12.2003, 00:16, Stefan Merten: On the StrategicConference of "We Seize!" the sessions were logged to an IRC channel which has been logged onto a web site. A nice way for an immediate protocol. If you have at least an audio stream also then it makes sense that remote people comment on the IRC channel which may be fed back to the ongoing discussion.

(60.1.1) Re: IRC logging, 15.12.2003, 17:45, Chris C: For this to work well there would have to be wireless access to the net in each room and a seperate IRC channel and stream for each room. It would be very cool to have all this set up but it would require quite a bit of work...

(61) * Internet connection

(61.1) 13.12.2003, 00:18, Stefan Merten: That should really happen. At best we can set up wireless and wired access.

(62) * Surf stations

(63) * Beamer

2.3.4. Mailing lists

(64) * For the concrete arrangement of the presentations and for the organization there is a mailing list for all speakers ([rox] [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/team/referenten/])

(65) * For the concrete arrangement of the activities on site there is a mailing list for all helpers ([hox] [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/team/helfer/])

(66) * For the concrete arrangement in Vienna there is another mailing list [http://philo.at/mailman/listinfo/oenux].

2.3.5. Folder for visitors

(67) All visitors should get a up-to-date folder with at least this content:

(68) * The flyer

(69) * Request for a donation

(70) * A list of the local infrastructure outside the conference

(71) - Cigarettes

(72) - Restaurants

(73) - Recommended accommodation

(74) - A town map containing the conference location

(75) * The conference program

(76) - An up-to-date schedule

(77) - Abstracts of all presentations

(77.1) 05.01.2004, 12:45, Stefan Merten: To make the abstracts a bit more uniform we should set a lower and an upper limit for the length of an abstract. Also it would be nice to have English versions of all abstracts.

(78) - Vitae of the speakers

(78.1) 05.01.2004, 12:40, Stefan Merten: This should include pictures of the speakers. Also it would be good to have pictures of the speakers on the web site.

(79) * Short self-description of the Oekonux project

(80) * Perhaps the Kladde

(81) * Map of the building / the rooms where presentations take place

(82) * Questionnaire for feedback

(82.1) 05.01.2004, 12:39, Stefan Merten: See also hints about the design of the questionnaire at http://www.opentheory.org/ox2-merkblatt/text.phtml#43

2.3.6. Support for the presentations

(83) The presentations need to be cared about. This includes:

(84) * Operating the audio recording

(85) * Support the speaker with presentation technique

(86) * If needed: Care for translation

(87) * Start the presentation including a sufficient introduction of the speaker

(88) * React to disturbances of all kind in a appropriate way

(89) * Check time limits, signal end

(89.1) 05.01.2004, 12:20, Stefan Merten: This time we want to have a quarter of an hour free time at the end of each slot so people can change rooms, talk with each other and so on. The supporters need to make this happen.

(90) * Check microphone direction during the discussion

(91) * Moderate the discussion if necessary

(92) * Special tasks if this is the last presentation in this room of this day

(93) Technical briefing for the people doing this job is absolutely necessary.

(94) People supporting a presentation should contact the respective speaker and ask how s/he wants to be introduced and other questions.

2.3.7. Remaining infrastructure

(95) * Oekonux texts on paper, in particular the Kladde for a quick introduction

(96) * A conference bureau

(97) - Supplied by the Department of Philosophy

(98) - May need additional people

(99) * Some international guests may need to be fetched from the air port.

(99.1) 05.01.2004, 12:36, Stefan Merten: A big, public sheet of paper where people can write down open questions, thoughts, and so on. May be used as the basis for a final content plenum.

2.4. Money

2.4.1. Expenditures

(101) * Travel expenses for contributors

(102) - Perhaps the current LastMinute offers of the German railway [http://www.bahn.de/pv/reisebuero/subhome/die_bahn_reisebuero.shtml] can be used to offer speakers two nights of accommodation in addition to the railway trip. Depending on the BahnCard available on the speaker side this can be a cheap way to acquire accommodation.

(102.1) 22.12.2003, 11:37, Stefan Merten: Probably this option is not available at this weekend because this weekend is a major tourist weekend in Vienna.

(103) - The offers of CityNightLine [http://www.citynightline.ch/] can help to save accommodation.

(104) * Further expenses

(105) * As in 2001 honorarium for contributors is not planned

(106) We should insist that only expenses agreed to before are reimbursed. In particular this applies to cases where contributors want the reimbursement of further persons.

2.4.2. Income

(107) * Money of the e.V.

(108) * Donations before and after the conference

(109) We asked for donations for the conference in 2001. This worked to some degree.

(110) * Donations from the visitors

(111) Last time we asked for 8EUR per person. Including tickets for food and beverages we received about 10EUR on average per person.

2.5. Announcement

2.5.1. Forms

(113) The announcement of the conference will be more or less exclusively by electronic media.

(114) A German web site [http://www.oekonux-konferenz.de/] is set up already. Also a English web site [http://www.oekonux-conference.org/].

(115) A template for a paper announcement (flyer, poster) can be made.

(116) We should consider asking Linux print media (e.g. Linux-Magazin) and/or for instance c't (what in Austria?) for a gratis advertisement.

2.5.2. Call for Contributions

(117) The Call for Contributions (no longer "Call for Papers") should be distributed at least to these addresses:

(118) * German speaking

(119) - the FIFF list

(119.1) 28.11.2003, 19:21, Stefan Merten: Done.

(120) - Contraste list

(120.1) 29.11.2003, 15:10, Karl Dietz: done. k.dz.

(121) Already received a first hint on ox3.

(122) - the Krisis newsletter (http://www.krisis.org)

(122.1) 22.12.2003, 11:47, Stefan Merten: Asked for distribution at krisisweb at gmx de.

(123) - Indymedia

(124) - debate at fitug.de

(124.1) 22.12.2003, 11:59, Stefan Merten: Done.

(125) - http://listserv.shuttle.de/mailman/listinfo/wissen2

(125.1) 29.11.2003, 16:37, Karl Dietz: done. k.dz.

(126) Already received a first hint on ox3.

(127) - FFII lists

(127.1) 22.12.2003, 11:38, Stefan Merten: Done by k.dz.

(128) Already received a first hint on ox3.

(129) - Telepolis / Heise-Ticker

(129.1) 22.12.2003, 12:19, Stefan Merten: Asked Detlef Borchers for distibution in the Heise news ticker.

(129.1.1) 24.12.2003, 00:14, Stefan Merten: He forwarded it to the right people and indeed there is an article :-) :-) .

(130) - infoverteiler at nadir.org

(130.1) 22.12.2003, 12:23, Stefan Merten: Asked nadir-aktuell at mail nadir org for distribution.

(130.1.1) 05.01.2004, 00:17, Ano Nym: http://www.nadir.org/nadir/aktuell/2003/12/24/19419.html -just seen. karl.

(131) - Mail list of streifzuege.org in Vienna (Franz Schandl et al)

(131.1) 22.12.2003, 12:26, Stefan Merten: Asked glatz at streifzuege org for distribution.

(132) - http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/list48/

(132.1) 29.11.2003, 15:04, Karl Dietz: done. k.dz.

(133) Already received a first hint on ox3.

(134) - imd-l or imd-announce, respectively

(134.1) 29.11.2003, 14:49, Stefan Meretz: IMD-L: Done.

(135) - further?

(135.1) 28.11.2003, 19:29, Stefan Merten: WOS preparation list [wos post openoffice de].

(135.2) 28.11.2003, 19:31, Stefan Merten: Liste aus der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft zum WSIS [Wsis ilpostino jpberlin de].

(135.3) 29.11.2003, 15:00, Stefan Meretz: FSF-Europe, englischsprachige (discussion) und deutschsprachige (fsfe-de) Liste.

(135.4) 29.11.2003, 15:03, Karl Dietz: termine at ffii.org. done at 29.11.2003

(135.5) 29.11.2003, 16:40, Karl Dietz: clara-liste at yahoogroups.de - done. k.dz

(135.6) 01.12.2003, 23:14, Karl Dietz: AKI-list. http://www.aki-stuttgart.de done. k.dz.

(135.7) 19.12.2003, 01:49, Karl Dietz:
WoZ - Schweizer WochenZeitschrift http://www.woz.ch

(135.8) 22.12.2003, 15:17, Stefan Merten: Should we also send the CfC to the press?

(135.8.1) 28.12.2003, 15:25, Stefan Merten: I sent a CfC to some German speaking news papers I selected from the list Benni made for the 2. conference.

(136) * International

(137) - Nettime

(137.1) 22.12.2003, 12:31, Stefan Merten: Asked A. Mayr for distribution.

(138) - OpenFlows

(138.1) 22.12.2003, 12:34, Stefan Merten: Ased Felix Stalder for distribution.

(139) - T.C. Greene of The Register

(139.1) 22.12.2003, 12:39, Stefan Merten: I checked http://www.theregister.co.uk/ but I think the CfC would be misplaced there. Comments?

(140) - Indymedia

(140.1) 22.12.2003, 12:40, Stefan Merten: I asked ionnek for distributing it on Indymedia.

(141) - The people of Mama in Zagreb

(141.1) 28.11.2003, 19:38, Stefan Merten: Done. And to some more people on the Balkans.

(142) - Hipatia

(142.1) 22.12.2003, 12:41, Stefan Merten: Asked Graham to distribute in case he did not already.

(142.1.1) 22.12.2003, 16:45, Stefan Merten: Graham sent the CfC.

(143) - http://www.politechbot.com/

(143.1) 22.12.2003, 12:54, Stefan Merten: Asked declan at well com for distribution.

(144) - further?

(144.1) 22.12.2003, 12:44, Stefan Merten: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR). Asked for distribution at cpsr at cpsr org.

(144.2) 22.12.2003, 12:45, Stefan Merten: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Asked for distribution at eff at eff org.

(145) * Structures of the Free Software scene

(145.1) 28.12.2003, 15:07, Stefan Merten: Entered the CfC on http://www.linux.de

(146) - e.g. Linux-Community [http://www.linux-community.de/]

(146.1) 22.12.2003, 12:59, Stefan Merten: Posted the CfC there.

(147) * The people behind the Oekonux links [http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/links.html]

(147.1) 28.12.2003, 14:47, Stefan Merten: I sent the CfC to some of those addresses Benni gathered for the 2. conference.

(148) * The persons we want to invite explicitly listed below

(148.1) 22.12.2003, 16:19, Stefan Merten: I sent the CfC to all of "my" candidates. Only for the people I saw on OpenCultures I'm still waiting for the mail addresses.

(149) * All speakers of the 1. and 2. conference

(149.1) 28.11.2003, 19:43, Stefan Merten: Done.

(150) * All registered visitors of the 2. conference

(150.1) 28.11.2003, 20:11, Stefan Merten: Done.

(151) Some addresses can be found in a version of this text for the 2. conference [http://www.opentheory.org/oxkonferenz2/v0002.phtml#83].

(151.1) 29.11.2003, 16:48, Stefan Merten: The ones which are not listed here are mainly the ones Benni extracted from the Oekonux links last time. I'll care about this.

2.5.3. Invitation

(152) The invitation should be sent at least to the same as the Call for Contributions.

3. Who should be invited for a presentation?

(153) In the following list at the start of each suggestion the suggester is named in square brackets (if known and remembered). This might be the person who cares about building contact.

(153.1) Who made a proposal already, 15.12.2003, 17:05, Stefan Merten: Under this comment we should gather the proposals which have been made so far to projekt at oekonux de with the link in the archive so we have a common reference here. Also it would be good to include the location someone comes from.

(153.1.1) Re: Who made a proposal already, 15.12.2003, 17:08, Stefan Merten: Sarawut_Chutiwongpeti proposed some art project.

(153.1.2) Re: Who made a proposal already, 15.12.2003, 17:10, Stefan Merten: Isabel_Saij (Cologne, Vienna) proposed a art project based on copyleft.

(153.1.3) Re: Who made a proposal already, 15.12.2003, 17:13, Stefan Merten: Jaromil_Somebody (Vienna) wants to talk about 4 years of developing Free Software in the domain of multimedia art.

( Re: Who made a proposal already, 07.01.2004, 15:57, Stefan Merten: Also he could tell about links between Rasta culture and Free Software.

(153.1.4) Re: Who made a proposal already, 24.12.2003, 00:10, Stefan Merten: Edward_Cherlin describes himself as a Simputer Evangelist. He proposed a contribution about Simputers.

( Re: Who made a proposal already, 28.12.2003, 15:20, Stefan Merten: Comes from Cupertino / California / USA.

(153.1.5) Re: Who made a proposal already, 29.12.2003, 18:25, Stefan Merten: Markus_Hauser möchte sein Projekt glocondis vorstellen. Teile des Projekts basieren auf patentierter Software.

(153.1.6) Re: Who made a proposal already, 30.12.2003, 15:24, Stefan Merten: Patrice_Riemens offered to prepare a workshop or similar on the topic of the political economy of IP. We discussed a paper from him.

(153.1.7) Re: Who made a proposal already, 30.12.2003, 16:01, Stefan Merten: David_Hirst could contribute something about patents on seeds.

( Re: Who made a proposal already, 30.12.2003, 19:28, Stefan Merten: As he explained in a PM this was a misunderstanding. He just wanted to suggest this topic.

(154) Until now these ideas came up:

(155) * Some which did not work out last time:

(156) - [StefanMn] Gundolf Freyermuth (wants to come).

(156.1) 29.11.2003, 16:35, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(157) - [StefanMn] The people from the school / education activities: PingoS, FSuB, OpenWebSchool.

(157.1) 22.12.2003, 15:28, Stefan Merten: Sent the CfC to Heiko Degenhardt (PingoS), Karl Sarnow (FSuB), Hans-Peter Prenzel (OpenWebSchool).

(158) - [StefanMn] Someone who can tell us something about fabbers and similar machines I would like to see on the conference very much. http://www.smalltimes.com/document_display.cfm?document_id=6413 might be an idea but I guess we could find someone from Europe.

(159) - [StefanMn] Pekka Himanen should be invited again.

(160) May be he can be invited by the Department of Philosophy?

(161) I sent him a mail already with the date.

(161.1) 29.11.2003, 16:45, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(161.1.1) 30.11.2003, 23:01, Stefan Merten: The date is not possible for him :-( .

(162) - [FranzT] Rebeca and Mauricio Wild (alternative school and economic systems / Ecuador) showed very much interest in Oekonux last summer.

(163) FranzT contacts them.

(164) - [StefanMz] André Gorz because of his new book "L'Immatériel". Interview under http://www.woz.ch/wozhomepage/26j03/gorz26j03.html.

(165) StefanMz asked him but unfortunately he feels to be to old for traveling. May be someone from his environment could be asked instead?

(166) - [StefanMn] Christoph Beaupoil, who together with Graham gave a spontaneous session on the 2. conference about Free Hardware / Free Design should be asked explicitly.

(166.1) 22.12.2003, 15:38, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(167) - [StefanMn] Perhaps Tom Schwaller who now works for IBM as Linux evangelist. Especially I would be interested in how IBM makes money on basis of Free Software.

(168) - [StefanMn] "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" for the topic pharmaceuticals / generica have been asked last time but it did not work out.

(169) Meanwhile Christian Wagner from Buko Pharma wants to come.

(169.1) 29.11.2003, 16:36, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(170) - [StefanMn] Philippe Aigrain declared interest but could not come because of timing problems. He wrote Positive Intellectual Rights and Information Exchanges [http://opensource.mit.edu/papers/aigrain.pdf].

(170.1) 22.12.2003, 15:43, Stefan Merten: Tried to send him the CfC but his old address is no longer valid :-( .

(171) - [StefanMn] Since the 1. conference I wanted to have someone telling us about the theses of Lawrence Lessig - namely "Code is Law". The Berlin based people around Lutterbeck / Gehring are the first who come to mind.

(171.1) 22.12.2003, 15:44, Stefan Merten: Sent the CfC to Bernd Lutterbeck and Robert Gehring.

(172) [StefanMn] An alternative or add-on could be Johann Bizer [http://www.jura.uni-frankfurt.de/bizer/] who I came to know on the e-democracy Workshop and who I liked.

(172.1) 29.11.2003, 16:36, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(173) [Leopold] An interesting pool could be the Vienna based http://www.infolaw.at/.

(174) * Some of the people which gave a presentation at OpenCultures in Vienna:

(175) - [StefanMn] James Love http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/love spoke about pharmaceuticals / generica among other things.

(175.1) 07.01.2004, 16:19, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(176) - [StefanMn] Erik Möller http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/moeller made a presentation about the topic "Why do Slashdot, Wikipedia and other big Free projects work? How does decision making work there?". Also is involved in the WOS conference. Address is probably moeller at scireview dot de.

(176.1) 07.01.2004, 16:25, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(177) - [StefanMn] Shuddhabrata Sengupta http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/sengupta was very interesting to me. He thought about the phenomenons of Free Software with structure and in depth.

(177.1) 07.01.2004, 16:30, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(178) - [StefanMn] Peter Eckersley http://opencultures.t0.or.at/oc/participants/eckersley gave an interesting talk about alternative forms of remuneration. Unfortunately I did miss the end where he may have presented his own suggestions and thoughts.

(178.1) 07.01.2004, 16:34, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(179) * New ideas:

(180) - [Graham] Somebody of Hipatia, e.g. Vicente Ruiz.

(180.1) 29.12.2003, 10:57, Stefan Merten: There is interest and probably they will give a talk or something.

(180.1.1) 30.12.2003, 16:49, Stefan Merten: Juan Carlos Gentile from Italy and Diego Saravia from Argentina are interested and want to come. We have to check our financial possibilities.

(181) - [StefanMn] Yochai Benkler's [http://www.benkler.org] Coase's Penguin, or, Linux and the Nature of the Firm [http://www.law.duke.edu/pd/papers/Coase's_Penguin.pdf] has been suggested to me two times during the last months. The conclusion I found very Oekonuxy indeed. We should invite him. He is professor in Yale [http://www.law.yale.edu/outside/html/faculty/yb32/profile.htm].

(182) May be he could be invited by the Department of Philosophy?

(183) Someone with the initials "a.t." said: "I've worked with him on this research and if you wish I can speak to him about the Oekonux conference, however he is extremely busy"

(183.1) 17.11.2003, 21:08, Stefan Merten: A slightly longer form of "a.t." is AlanT as I learned. Sigh...

(183.1.1) 22.12.2003, 15:55, Stefan Merten: I asked Alan to ask or do something himself.

(184) - [StefanMn] Michael Frein (Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst - EED) gave a presentation about seeds and "intellectual property" (I missed it).

(185) I contacted him and he made a note of the date.

(185.1) 29.11.2003, 16:37, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(186) - [Chris] Raoul Victor, who wrote Free Software and Market Relations [http://www.oekonux.org/texts/marketrelations.html] could do an interesting session based on that or something else. The New Questions section [http://www.oekonux.org/texts/marketrelations.html#New%20Questions] at the end contains material for several sessions.

(187) - [Chris] Alan Toner, who did a session with Jamie King at the 2. conference could do a session on copyright and/or 'Information freedom' or something interesting. He probably wrote this article on the WSIS: Dissembly Language: Unzipping the World Summit on the Information Society [http://slash.autonomedia.org/article.pl?sid=03/07/22/0123234]

(188) - [Chris] Ion Nec (ionnek at gmx dot net) might be interested in doing a session on "Free media production - How Indymedia works" or something like that. She had written UkNetworkSnapshot [http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/UkNetworkSnapshot] which is interesting because it shows how much like a Free Software project Indymedia is.

(188.1) 14.12.2003, 14:11, Stefan Merten: I met her on "We Seize!". She also cares about the editorial guidelines for Indymedia UK so she also would be interesting to invite for some OHA focus. I sent her the CfC.

(189) I guess Chris contacted her already.

(190) She suggested that we do a joint session on how indymedia works and how it is like a Free Software project. This session could have a title "Indymedia ? the journal of the revolution?" or something like that...

(191) - [StefanMn] Eric von Hippel probably created http://opensource.mit.edu/ and also published some interesting papers.

(191.1) 22.12.2003, 16:03, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC. Also asked him to add it to http://opensource.mit.edu/call_for_papers.php

(192) - [StefanMn] I'd love to have someone on the conference who can tell us about what the Debian constitution means in practice. How is it handled? Why do people align to it? What if they don't? A introduction to the constitution itself for sure would be helpful for such a talk.

(192.1) 07.01.2004, 16:40, Stefan Merten: I asked Martin "Joey" Schulze from Debian.

(193) - [StefanMn] I'm not sure whether this really fits but this may be because I'm quite ignorant of this area. However, there seems to be some movement around WLAN / WiFi / Open Access and so on. I have no idea who could be reasonably asked for a contribution.

(194) - [StefanMn] Sheen Levine which gave a talk at the 2. conference would like to participate in the 3. one, too. I found his talk very interesting so I'd advocate this.

(194.1) 29.11.2003, 16:37, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC. Wants to come.

(195) - [Helmuth] Matthias Greffrath has visions. FranzN cited him two times in Die Vision der globalen Dörfer [http://www.oekonux.de/texte/globdorf.html]

(196) - [StefanMn] I made a contact to Thomas Atzert one of the translators of Empire. I think between Oekonux and Empire the full potential to learn from each other has not yet been tapped.

(197) He made a note of the date.

(197.1) 29.11.2003, 16:38, Stefan Merten: Sent him the CfC.

(198) - [StefanMz] It would be interesting to invite people criticizing "Integrierten Betriebswirtschaftlichen Systemen" (IBS) like SAP. For instance Sabine Pfeiffer [http://www.sabine-pfeiffer.de/] who published an interesting article [http://iug.uni-paderborn.de/fiff/themen/ig/arbeitswelt/Pfeiffer] in the FIFF magazine. In particular together with Free Hardware people this could get exciting.

(198.1) 22.12.2003, 16:08, Stefan Merten: Sent her the CfC.

(198.1.1) 22.12.2003, 16:51, Stefan Merten: She would like to come :-) .

(199) - [StefanMn] Free Software in the so-called III. World would be an interesting topic. It could range from the governmental decisions for instance in South America to development cooperations like VUM (FranzN knows more)

(199.1) 14.12.2003, 14:43, Stefan Merten: I met Mothobi Mokheti at "We Seize!". He's involved in http://www.khanyacollege.org.za/ . Currently he is starting some activities to bring Free Software to social projects. This is pretty much what we are interested in. He took the CfC as a flyer.

(200) - [StefanMn] Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine do interesting things about copyright [http://www.dklevine.com/general/intellectual/intellectual.htm] based on conventional economist theory. They could be an interesting invitation.

(200.1) 22.12.2003, 16:17, Stefan Merten: Sent them the CfC.

(201) * More ideas? Add here.

(201.1) 14.12.2003, 14:01, Stefan Merten: I met Michael Zaiser at the "We Seize!" conference. He did studies on the theory of self-organized studies. Also - as far as I understood - he just created a scientific magazine from pre-print server articles. I sent him the CfC.

(201.1.1) 29.12.2003, 10:41, Stefan Merten: There are Free_scientific_articles from the area Michael works in. Note, that he is a physicist. The physicits were among the first where the movement for Free Science grew. He thinks about a contribution and comes back to us.

(201.2) 14.12.2003, 14:33, Stefan Merten: Chris said that Wikipedia also has some process to handle problems. This could also be an interesting thing to look at at the conference in some OHA focus. Who could be a good speaker?

(201.2.1) Wikipedia, 15.12.2003, 17:54, Chris C: A session on http://www.wikipedia.org/ would be very interesting. There are several ways to contact the wikipedia; IRC and lists and the_village_pump or even using the details on the contact_us_page

(201.2.2) 03.01.2004, 00:21, Stefan Merten: Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia as I learnt. Someone to contact him? (I've got no email.)

(201.3) Openness, 15.12.2003, 17:58, Chris C: Jamie has written an article on Openness_And_Its_Discontents - this might be something that could form the basis of a session on openness?

(201.3.1) Re: Openness, 17.12.2003, 20:37, Stefan Merten: Indeed I find this an interesting topic. However, I'd say that "working in public" is a more appopriate description. Comments?

(201.4) Women and the Free Software mode of production, 16.12.2003, 14:24, Chris C: This issue can up at the WSIS discussions. Why are there so few women doing free software development? Are there other projects on the net that use this mode of production that are dominated by women (I suspect that this is the case)? And if so what are they and what can be learnt from them?

(201.4.1) Re: Women and the Free Software mode of production, 29.12.2003, 12:22, Graham Seaman: Maybe london.crafts (http://london-crafts.org/). Although this is quite small. Surely there are Austrian equivalents closer to the conference?

(201.5) 26.12.2003, 21:59, Stefan Merten: Katja Mruck is involved in the FQS project which is a Free scientific magazine. Sent her the CfC.

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